Discover how we cultivated a program management community that is thriving worldwide by deploying our consultants with Six Sigma experience.

Cultivating a global program management community


Kalles Group deployed Six Sigma-experienced consultants to implement standardized operational processes and scalable infrastructure for our client’s global, low-touch business model in a virtual team environment


Utilizing a diverse international team, our client produces, maintains, upgrades and utilizes a proprietary platform for tracking and paying various incentives to its global partners. Producing and utilizing this multi-million dollar system requires thorough planning, testing, and managing changes to existing information technology and envisioning, collecting and communicating requirements for future architecture.

Kalles Group was tasked with developing a strong engagement model across our client’s program management community in each of its regional operations centers for all partner-related system releases. Additionally, Kalles Group would provide business analysis, product testing, and project management for the initiative.

Kalles Group was tasked with developing a strong engagement  model across our client’s program management community in each of its regional operations centers for all partner-related system releases.


Kalles Group deployed consultants with Six Sigma experience to drive the adoption of standard operation processes and infrastructure systems that would scale to the high-volume, low-touch nature of our client’s business model within a virtual global team.

Working directly with our client’s global project managers, Kalles Group consultants:

  • Developed and designed roadmaps for system releases.
  • Connected key stakeholders and their clients to increase usage and competence of the system.
  • Engaged with IT solution managers to articulate and champion requirements for infrastructure system releases and improvements.
  • Managed the implementation of these upgrades.


  • Managed the incentive platform infrastructure and process, including production, future state architecture, business intelligence (BI) reporting, system upgrades and maintenance management.
  • Managed completion of all readiness tasks throughout the project life cycle: planning, design, deployment, testing, launch readiness, post-deployment and project close-out
  • Supported analysis and documentation of required changes to metrics methodologies.
  • Reviewed test scenarios and monitored user acceptance testing (UAT) for scheduled system releases.
  • Created requirements documentation for requested bug fixes
  • Managed plan to clean up partner payment details and currency mismatches, resulting in delayed payments.

Through close coordination across multiple work streams and a close eye on both quality levels and potential risks to the project, Kalles Group was able to directly increase usability and value of the overall solution.


Our client’s incentive platform continues to operate at its full potential despite numerous iterations in a rapidly changing environment. The international project team shares standardized methodologies, documentation requirements, and strategy maps, leading to greater efficiency, better team communication, and lower costs for our client. Additionally, end users enjoy increased personalization of the service’s interface, improved data validation, improved incentive process productivity, and an increased ability to track, monitor and analyze their incentive activity.

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