Crafting a security presentation for global leadership


The Information Security Leadership (CRO & CISO) at a global non-profit asked Kalles Group to help prepare a presentation for its executive leadership team. By developing graphical aids and improving visual elements, the Kalles Group team enabled the CRO & CISO to convey complex, strategic information in a digestible format.

The Challenge

Our client's CRO and CISO were preparing a showcase presentation for their executive leadership team. The team was aligned on what story arc and key message each slide was meant to convey, but struggled to present it in a concise, visual way and were unsure how to present strategic information in a digestible, visual format. They looked to Kalles Group for help to synthesize information and arrange it at the executive level.

Our Approach:

Kalles Group strategized with the client to identify key points and build a logical flow of information. Kalles Group then synthesized the information and presented multiple options for presentation design and structure. The team worked efficiently to understand problems in the existing product, anticipated audience response, and delivered a concise and visual interpretation of the strategic initiatives the team was ready to bring forward.

Quotation mark icon

We feel confident about the presentation and now it’s just down to delivery and reaction. Either way, we’ll learn. Thanks again for the support and work to make it the very best it can be.

The Results

By working quickly to understand client pain points, anticipate needs, and implement solutions, our client felt confident that the presentation Kalles Group tailored for the executive leadership team portrayed critical information accurately to best reflect the strategy and current posture of the department.