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IT career trends in 2014

The IT job market will be on the rise in 2014. Tech hiring varies year by year, but this year is gearing up to be a doosey!  With growing IT infrastructure, all organizations will start to see an increase in the need for more focused positions. Career trends we see include:  app development, UX engineering, big data, cloud computing, and IT security professionals. What will each of these more focused jobs entail?

App development – BYOD has become a big deal for IT enthusiasts. The need for developers is expanding with all of the new devices and the number of people who take advantage of multiple devices. The explosion of BYOD is driving the need for savvy app developers to let people communicate in new and different ways.

UX engineers – This year will be more important for the UX engineer than ever before. With all of the BYOD and mobile devices skyrocketing, the need for very simple and useable interfaces is a must. The focus on creating these expanded user interfaces will bring more people into the new era of IT. Naturally, engineers with cloud expertise will be in higher demand this year.

Big data – Are you a pro in big data and data mining? Good, because 2014 will be your year. The industry of big data has been rapidly expanding. The way that data technology is used, stored and analyzed in large volumes will need more expertise than it has been given before. Those who are proficient in the practice of big data will be in extremely high-demand. However, these positions are hard to come by, as big data professionals are new in the making. Anyone who is proficient in software analytics, technical engineers, or database analytics to name a few will be qualified.

Cloud computing – Instead of focusing on tech workers learning cloud-related tools and the architecture, there will be more of an emphasis in actual cloud-based computing. The cloud computing positions will be more focused and in-depth giving them more of an advantage for an organization. More organizations are starting to use cloud-based technologies to stay connected. Enterprises are going to need an expert in the cloud to integrate and familiarize with the new framework.

IT security professionals – One of the biggest scares of using BYOD, cloud computing and big data, is the security of each platform as well as the data as it is being transmitted. With the recent hacks last year and the increased use of many devices each connected through the cloud, consumers and organizations alike feel vulnerable. IT security professionals are increasingly needed to keep the future of IT moving forward.

The need for more staff is growing significantly this year, as there is a huge growth in IT infrastructure. Not only are jobs becoming more focused and fixated, but salary trends will change as well. App developers, software engineers, systems security professionals, and BI analysts will all see an increase in salaries as the need for these positions will increase the value of an organization.

What other IT career trends do you think we’ll see this year?