Who We Are

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The Kalles Group Difference

Kalles Group was born from the belief that IT professional services can be delivered with a high degree of quality and efficiency, without sacrificing relationship or integrity. In doing so, we are building enduring success with both our clients and our consultants.

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What We Believe

Kalles Group centers itself on its core values and uses these principles as a compass for serving our customers and our community.

What We Bring

At Kalles Group we believe that aligning capability, people, and purpose is the key to delivering better experiences and outcomes for our clients.

We aim to transform the professional services industry by aligning capabilities and purpose to deliver intelligent execution across cybersecurity, business, and technology domains. Our clients are committed to excellence, and strive to be a leader in their industry. However, the growing complexity of organizations compounded by frequently shifting priorities and an increasingly mobile workforce have led to a significant decrease in workforce alignment. At Kalles Group, we believe that success begins with alignment across your organization.

Alignment leads to stronger execution. Stronger execution leads to better experiences and better outcomes.


Focus Areas

Kalles Group is a consulting and solutions firm that specializes in cybersecurity, business, information technology services. Whether you’re a growing company or a Fortune 500 enterprise, we bring an established domain of experience and a service-oriented mindset to align with your needs and deliver exceptional value.

Local Experience

Kalles Group has an established track record of delivering successful results across a growing list of clients in the pacific Northwest. Our engagements range from new startups to mid-market organizations to enterprise companies, and we span a number of market verticals including logistics, retail, telecommunications, and information technology. We build and maintain long-term healthy relationships with our clients through consistent results over time and our unique and practical approach to service delivery.

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